Somewhere in a notebook, diary, phone notes, or journal we all have come up with a list of things we want to do before we leave this good ole earth. We are literally out here trying to live our best lives; trying new foods, being adventurous, taking chances and making memories in the best way possible.

Now, my bucket list has some stuff I can’t imagine my scary self to even do, but I plan on doing them one day and pray I don’t bail out like a puss lol.

I’m sharing my “bucket list” and would love to see what’s on your list as well! I’m happy to say that I was able to cross off a few

My Ultimate Bucket List!!

1.      Parasail

2.      Jet Ski

3.      Sky Dive (I’m scared of heights so I don’t even know why I want to risk my life lol)

4.      Attend Mardi Gras

5.      Attend Essence Fest

6.      Become a travel blogger

7.      Try Oysters

8.      Go horseback riding

9.      Go to Memphis and Beale Street

10.  Go to Universal Studios

11.  Visit NYC, and the DMV

12.  Attend or have a boat party

13.  Practice Yoga

14.  Scuba Dive (I should probably learn how to swim first lol)

15.  Take a helicopter ride

16.  Do Flight Roulette (google what this is!)

17.  Do random Acts of Kindness

18.  Ride in an hot air balloon

19.  Visit all 50 states (…seriously)

20.  Be a tourist in my own city, Birmingham, AL

21.  Visit Africa

22.  Participate in a volunteer trip

No matter how small or big your things are, make a list and commit to crossing them off of your list! I mean what is a life without exploring and experiencing?!