You may be asking yourself what in the world in Galentine’s Day and where did it come from?! I know because I asked myself the same thing the first time I heard it. The more women I saw celebrating it in lieu of Valentine’s Day, the more I became a fan and besides I love fun things like this. Galentine’s Day stemmed from an episode of Parks and Recreation and became an unofficial holiday where friends celebrate each other by doing something fun on February 13th. This year I decided to participate by having a fun photoshoot with two of my best friends. In junction with the shoot, this blog post will be about friendship and why it is EVERYTHING to me!


These girls are two of my best friends Clarisa (left) and Erica (right). We have a combined 10+ years of friendship. MY GIRLS! I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Erica and Clarisa have been knowing each other since elementary school. I knew of Clarisa while in middle school but became friends our 11th grade year in high school. Erica and I became friends our 12th grade year and we have been rocking since.


I love my friends and I honestly can’t imagine how life would be without them. Friendship is so important to me because you will always have someone to call on, to have fun with, to share your goals and dreams with, and to simply experience the ups and downs of life with. YOU NEED FRIENDS! No matter if you claim to think otherwise, both men and women need friends. Let me clarify, everyone needs good, valuable and positive friends in their lives. Nothing less.

Friendships are therapeutic. Friendships are lessons. Friendships are love. Friends are family. Friendships are not judgmental. Friends are supportive. Friendships are thoughtful. For me, I take genuine friendships deeply because of my weird upbringing. I consider my very close friends like family and love them unconditionally.


All of the friendships I’ve had throughout life have allowed me to grow as a person, taught me what friendship is about and should be, challenged me, allowed me to be honest and most importantly taught me how to be my true self. Friendships, just like relationships, require sacrifice and each friend should understand that. My friendships also allows me to laugh ALOT, to make my own personal choices without judgement, to live life on my own terms and vice versa. Friendships have to be balanced.


To show my appreciation to my friends, I included them in this shoot. I simply wanted us to let our hair down, have fun, smile big, laugh hard, love on each other and drink champagne. We did just that and they got up early and made time to do this for me!! That is love and I appreciate them for participating!


This is a cheers to GREAT friendships, to love, to life and good times! Grab your girls today and celebrate your friendship!

Thanks for reading and Happy Galentine’s Day!

Jas <3

Location: The Redmont Hotel - Downtown Birmingham, AL