The word ‘no’ is such a character word. It’s funny because no one likes or want to hear that “horrible” word. *eye roll* Well, truth be told, I NEVER wanted to be told no or to tell anyone, especially my friends that word. I always wondered why can’t every answer be ‘yes’…ugh. However, that horrible word is so necessary.

Friends, why is it so hard for us to just say no? From a personal perspective, saying no is hard because we are comfortable, want to pleasers and have not grown yet to understand the power of no. People around us are always in expectation of great answers. Better yet, they fear rejection and we do too. “ARE YOU TELLING ME NO?!?” When I hear no, I may think I did something wrong and feel a need of explanation, or when I get turned down from a job, or my friends not participating, etc. That word just hurts. At some point as adults we must appreciate the ‘no’ and keep it moving. As we become wiser and more mature, the understanding of ‘no’ determines the mindset.

Now, I have to say no. I can’t always participate in activities knowing that I’m broke, I can’t help you when you’re aren’t trying to change or help yourself, I can’t always agree with you. Chile the list goes on! I believe in getting serious with yourself and standing firm on the decisions you make. Whether family or friends, they should understand your ‘no’ when you’re trying to become a better version of yourself. In my mind, once the people around you understand the why then they’ll want to get themselves together. For the sake of your happiness and peace, do it for yourself. 2017 and beyond I don’t want to feel obligated to say yes just to please others and down the line have resentment. Let’s be honest, we all know at the time of the proposal, that we may or may not be interested.

Let me remind you all, when I say you, I’m speaking to and reminding myself as well. I am constantly reminding myself that ‘no’ isn’t bad at all. Let’s not become yes-mens, or should I say yes-womens lol!