My, My, My!!! What an experience this was. Blogger, Entrepreneur, & Influencer, Dayna Bolden, shut 2018 down with this event! If you don’t know her, GET TO KNOW HER! You can find her on Instagram @daynabolden.

Dayna hosted her very first event, The Bold Experience in Baltimore, Maryland and it was EVERYTHING! The decor, the speakers, the food, the music, the beautiful women, the inspiration, the gifts, the message…ah! She did not miss a beat on preparing this event. No detail was missing!

I know that every woman, including me, left the event ready to push fear aside and conquer our dreams that keep us up at night.


Before Dayna announced her event, I was done traveling for the year. I mean DONE lol! The day she gave us tease with no specific details and when I saw the price, I knew I needed to be there. As soon as tickets went on sale, I bought it without hesitation… and without a hotel in place. LOL! But, it all worked out and I’m SO glad I invested in this.


Location: Studio 4 Baltimore

Attire: Chic/Brunch with your girls

Host: The FABULOUS Chardelle Moore (IG: @chardellemoore)

Speaker: The AWESOME Michelle McKinney (IG: @michelle.mckinney)

Professional Headshots: IG: @eyeimagery


Upon entering, Dayna made sure to greet, hug, and take pictures with every single attendee. That alone is amazing and tells you about her character. Aside of connecting with us online, she genuinely made it her business to connect with us this way in person.

Photo by: @mama.photog

Photo by: @mama.photog

Now let’s get into the fun part… The BOLD Experience through my eyes!


Ya’ll… The decor was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, DETAILED, SPOTLESS, BREATH TAKING!! Like seriously. When I walked through the doors, my mouth dropped and I was instantly happy and excited. There were whites, a pink carpet, splashes of rose gold, the BEAUTIFUL flower wall you see in the first picture surrounded with a variety of other white flowers, and the GORGEOUS stage display was EVERYTHING. Each table were dressed with a white table cloth with gifts for each attendee. To me, the decor was simple but very detailed and not overdone. Her decor was hands down her brand colors and it represented her to the fullest! I LOVED IT!


I could tell wholeheartedly that Dayna’s main goal for this event was to not only be a social event but a learning experience. She wanted every woman there to leave with a goal to achieve in mind, to connect with other women, and for us to level up in 2019 and beyond. She simply wants us to put action behind our words and thoughts.

  • ‘Bold Woman Big Dream’ purse size journal designed in her brand colors

  • A beautiful Rose Gold diamond-topped pen that sat pretty on a #DroppingGems stand

  • Event Itinerary

  • A post card designed exactly like the event flier with her mission statement: ‘Do all things with love, passion and style.’ (this came into good use later in the event)

  • A Bold Experience champagne glass

  • A worksheet with tips, fill-in-the-blank sentences, and concepts to apply on our road to success

  • A Bold Experience tote full of goodies from beauty to skin to natural hair



Michelle McKinney shut Studio 4 DOWN with her message you hear me! Her topic was Leveling up in 2019 and I must say the gems she dropped were definitely necessary and vital going forward. In a nutshell,here is what she left us with:

  • Define and know the difference between a DREAM and a VISION.

    • A dream is simply saying, “I want to be/I want to have” KEYWORD: I WANT

    • A vision is simply saying, “I will be _____ by _____” KEYWORD: I WILL (a vision is specific)

  • Change of Language

    • The way we speak on/about our lives with positively or negatively manifest. The words we speak will change our lives.

  • Current Assignments

    • In each season of our lives, we are assignments. Like me, you may currently be working a 9-5. That 9-5 is our current assignment and it must be fulfilled before we are able to move on to our higher visions of life. Use this time to learn as much as you can. Learn how to be a team player, time management skills, conflict-resolution skills, budgeting skills, communication skills, customer service skills, etc. We must master 9-5 skills in this moment in order to be successful in our future endeavors. Let’s stop thinking our 9-5 is a waste because IT IS NOT! Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or not these simple skills will enhance your abilities and work ethic in the future.

    • In each assignment, make sure to pour into EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON or THING and allow them to pour into you. This is simply a preparation season.

      • Pourer - Those who pour into you

      • Peers - Those who you submerge yourself with

      • Pitcher - You pouring into others/things

  • Don’t self-sabotage yourself. The next level will always cost you because what you are building now will matter for your future.

  • Finding your passion takes time. The Latin word for Passion is Passio which means to suffer.

    • Finding passion is asking yourself, “Who am I willing to suffer for?” Your passion is doing EXACTLY what you love. I truly believe our true passions come from our interests (known & unknown), friendships, unnoticed hidden gifts (mostly those gifts we don’t see as gifts) and learning likes/dislikes about ourselves.

  • Show up and introduce yourself like you’re THE SHIT!

    • There are too many times when we downplay our talents and gifts. Not anymore.

Michelle thank you for this word!!


The lady of the hour also dropped some gems I appreciated ALOT. Being vulnerable and transparent is hard but she has no problem letting us in. If I remember correctly, I started following Dayna early 2017 after seeing her on natural hair brand’s page and instantly felt a connection. I haven’t stopped following her journey since then. She briefly touched on how she began her blogging career, when she decided to leave her corporate job at Under Armour and how successful her business has been in only a year’s time.

In a nutshell here is what she left with us with us on building a brand:

  • Find your WHY

    • What is your purpose? Why are you pursing this? Why do you want to do this? (Again this is very specific. Being specific makes the journey less frustrating and confusing)

  • Find your WHO

    • Who is your why serving? Having a target audience is very important.

  • Find your WHAT

    • What will you be sharing with your who? No matter what you plan to share there is definitely an audience for it.

  • Build relationships

    • This goes back to our assignments. Connect with those in the 9-5 because you never know who may know another person who can help you. Building genuine relationships from the start without wanting something will always benefit the two people sooner or later.

    • Don’t be afraid to meet or have a phone call with someone or a brand you want to work with.

  • Your brand content requires consistency, quality, openness, transparency and vulnerability.

  • PURPOSE OVER POPULARITY!! (She hit all of us with these words)

    • Popularity will never over power purpose. Your purpose will attract the genuine people and get you farther than popularity. Walking in your true purpose and remaining yourself will get you in rooms unmatched and those you may not believe you deserve to be in. Always choose purpose.


Towards the end of the event, we clipped our postcards to the ‘Bold Women’ wall and chose a saying what caught our attention. I chose “Whenever possible recognize the beauty that surrounds you.” Most of the time we don’t stop and smell the roses and admire the simple beauty of things. I pray that inspires you in some way!

To the close the event, there was a candle lighting where each of us had to light another woman’s candle after us as a reminder that lighting another woman’s will NEVER dim yours. AMAZING! Showing support to other woman will NEVER dim your successes. We then toasted to a bomb and successful event and to leveling up in 2019 while “Outstanding” by The Gap Band played.

I truly enjoyed myself at this event and am SO happy I didn’t miss out on it. It was definitely worth more than the $50 investment. I met so many beautiful and amazing women, a few of my favorite bloggers, gained valuable knowledge and left knowing that what I envision for myself and future can and will manifest especially with applying the gems and tips given by Michelle and Dayna. The only thing left to say is… DON’T MISS OUT ON #TheBoldExperience 2019! You will see me there.

You can also watch the full vlog here: