Let’s flashback to 16-year-old Jasmine yearning to be grown and doing adult things; clubbing, drinking, engaging in “grown” folk talk, and everything in between. I made sure I had my life planned out the way I envisioned it to be and was very determined to achieve those life goals. I just knew I would be married by 25, kids by 28 and making major coin by 30…ha! Look at how life works. Currently 25 and am nowhere near the life I created way back when. To be honest, I’m in my feelings.

For a few weeks my mind has really been all over the place thinking about what I really want to do with my life to my love life to finances to friendships. As much as I try to reassure myself and to be patient, it’s hard! It’s hard, but it’s okay to let some feelings out. Honestly, it’s a great relief.

My ladies, I know we keep a guard up to prevent being judged by folk. Too many of us are always on our “I don’t have feelings” train when deep down we have SO much built up inside and want to talk to somebody that’ll listen. When did being vulnerable become taboo? Some times that “strong black woman” title has to be let down to heal ourselves. We can only be “strong” for so long.

So, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this or where did this come about? I am very positive that like my friends and I, you, too have sensitive conversations with your best friends about life, love and above. Although we may have those conversations, there are some small parts of us that can be feel uncomfortable addressing certain situations and battles with ourselves. I am really here to encourage you to let that guard down some time and be open and vulnerable. Now, you don’t have to run and tell every piece of your business to everyone, but if you’re feeling a way let. it. out. Coming to this point does have a lot to do with growth, character and mindset. Not everyone is out to judge you for who YOU are.

I want to be at a point where I speak my feelings confidently. I want to make addressing feelings normal and okay. Everyone needs a listening ear without judgment. Nobody’s perfect, cliché, but true. Be vulnerable. Be open. Let those feelings out. BE YOU!