BYE BYE 2017... HELLO 2018

Happy 2018 yall!!! I am so grateful and blessed that I made it to see a new year. I am excited to see what’s gonna happen next in my life. I must say that 2017 was a different year for me. I traveled, I struggled, I took off from work for a few days, I became more honest with myself, and I did things that I *strong emphasis* wanted to do for me with no regrets.

2017 was truly a year that I became more focused on me than any other years and that’s because I hadn’t known who I was. I knew I was tapping into myself once I started to embrace my interests, my flaws, and having all the fun unapologetically. I want to let you guys know what 2017 taught me and how I’m really coming into form!

  • The Power of NO still stands. Don’t ever be scared or regretful of saying those two words.
  • I traveled wayyy more in one year that I’ve ever done in life
  • I realized that when I started my full time job in 2016 I NEVER called in or took a day off until almost the end of the year. I changed that last year. I used every last hour of my vacation hours.
  • I became more vocal. I’m learning to speak my feelings and to not only be honest with myself but also those around me. I have always been quiet and always held feelings and opinions to myself.
  • Communicating is SO important. I’m still learning how to communicate the right way.
  • Wine has become my best friend. I’m exploring red wines
  • It’s okay to feel how I feel about certain things. If I don’t agree, I don’t mind sharing.
  • Be honest with your friends. They’ll love you.
  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Whatever you consider is “living your best life” embrace that shit!
  • Do what makes you happy. I don’t care if it’s collecting magazines or wearing black every day. Do that! Your joy and peace comes first. Don’t ever be ashamed of what interests you!
  • Don’t be embarrassed of mistakes that have happened in your life. Life is an experience and a process everything ain’t gonna be perfect.
  • Everybody problems ain’t my problems. I can’t and won’t be their problem solver.
  • My problems ain’t everybody else’s either.
  • Life is about growth. Keep glowing and growing.

All in all 2017 DON’T OWE ME A THANG!! I literally had a ball and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has for your girl!

Let’s chat… Let me know what 2017 taught you in the comments! I wanna know!! Love yall!

Photos by: @lyvonafour (IG) I loved these photos so much and by far the best thing I did in 2017!