Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend the Bloggers Night Out event hosted by Magic City Fashion Week and with the amazing Victoria Sanders aka @thevicstyles. When I first saw this advertisement, I could not miss this! Reason one being because of Vic and her wisdom as a blogger and reason two because it is imperative for me to attend events like this to not only become a great blogger but to also surround myself with bloggers and their expertise.

I’m no fashion girl, so my main reason in being there was to connect with other bloggers, learn some do’s and don’ts of blogging, and to simply gain as much knowledge as I could from someone who is not only doing it, but is successful in it. I wanted to know how Vic began her journey, how to become successful in the blogging world, and receive straight honesty about that life. You know what she did? Delivered. Vic dropped so many gems that I almost couldn’t keep up.

For some odd reason, I always become timid when someone asks me about my blog and where I want it to go or why I am blogging. That “why” always get me. Even when I know deep down I’m using it as a platform to truly inspire someone in this world. But, my words don’t exemplify that. It shows lack of confidence in my blog. If I am unsure of it, why should someone else take me seriously? Yall, that resonated with me all night.

Here are a few things I left with from Vic:

  1. Always surround yourself with likeminded, creative people. We must feed our soul that will help and energize our minds. Get around those who have common interests as you. In her words, “create a bubble for yourself.” It’s important to keep those who inspire you around, always.
  2. Practice like you want your blog to be a career. She asked me was my blog a hobby or a career and I responded with both. It can’t be both. Why not? Because if I keep calling it my hobby, that’s all it will be. I won’t ever have the mindset to invest in it to become a career. What you speak into it will manifest.
  3.  Being a blogger is hard work. Do not let the pretty, swaggy pictures, likes, followers and quotes fool you. You must have a purpose. You must be consistent. You must do some work for FREE!
  4. Just be you. So simple yet so hard. Being simply yourself will attract more than you may ever imagine.

I left feeling inspired and refreshed from being around people who share a common interest. Being that little ole Birmingham is a little behind with these type of events I am super happy that the guys of MCFW created this event!