My friends!!! My dreams, goals, and taking action have been on my mind and heart HEAVILY since 2017 began. As we all know the cliché saying, “we shouldn’t have to wait until a new year to start what it is that we want to accomplish.” True, but time is everything. Mind you, I haven’t always been the go-getter girl. Truth be told I was always the follower and the girl who could never see myself accomplish a lot of things. I dreamed, but that’s it. Never did I put any action towards learning about, researching, or creating a plan to achieve what I had been dreaming about. If I never believed the saying, “it’s easier said than done,” in my younger years, I sure believe it now. WE CAN BE ALL TALK!

As my wisdom progresses, the walk into achieving those dreams starts with preparation. A draft. As long as we start, we are putting action behind our talk. The projects will never be perfect. That’s the beauty of growth and never giving up. We truly have to start somewhere.

So, let’s talk about some ways to put our thoughts and plans into action. We all need that motivation to put one foot forward to START.

Oh wait, I want to mention how I had a life switch after turning the BIG 2-5 lol! Yes, after being twenty-five for two months so far, I have truly taken heed on what matters most and turned my focus on bettering myself, my life and my future. I am working to better my finances, learning more about what I want to do with my life, surrounding myself around positive people and things, learning more, reading more and taking risks. Being uncomfortable. This blog is uncomfortable for me because I’m always the “quiet” girl of the crew. Yes, it’s true! But honestly, I have plenty of thoughts and things to say, per usual. Now back to the plan of action!

So far in 2017, I have made a few small victories:

  • Creating this blog
  • Partnering with my line sister and friend on projects (coming soon) (@booksxbrunch)
  • Growing in God more
  • Writing and talking more (This is huge for me because doing them will allow me to become more comfortable with speaking and writing while getting better at it)
  • Creating business emails
  • Listening to and following those lady entrepreneurs who are already doing it BIG!
  • Visualizing myself in achieving those dreams (In order to believe in it, we must VISUALIZE ourselves doing it)

I am now truly believing in listening to podcasts of women bosses and entrepreneurs to hear how they started and became successful in doing what they love. To get closer to accomplishing our dreams and passions, I would suggest doing these few things:

  • Follow, listen to, research and take notes from people who are already successful in what you want to do.
  • If podcast are your thing or not, still take a listen at one. You will be surprised how beneficial those can be (I’m currently listening to Myleik and Black Girl Boss Podcast.) THESE WOMEN WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE LADIES!!
  • Write down every idea that comes to mind. Crazy and all. Honestly, no idea is crazy.
  • Tell your friends or the person you feel comfy with your idea because they may be able to help or know someone that can help. Oh, and that person can become your accountability partner.
  • Stay working. By this I mean, start and always create social media pages, create a logo, create emails, etc. Do anything to get started that will keep you motivated to keep going.
  • Learn yourself and what works for you. Everyone is different. Try not to compare your style of work to others.

We must begin. Just start. Remember, it’s okay start with draft. A draft can be adjusted into a masterpiece. We need to be critiqued, we need to scared, we need to step out on faith with our dreams.