In my adult years, I have found myself caring a WHOLE lot about skin care and finding products that not only serves my sensitive skin best, but also products that really moisturizes it. I, first, discovered that I had sensitive skin when I was younger by using very mild and harsh soaps and lotions that actually dried my skin out instead of leaving it soft and moisturized. Some lotions were also very watery which caused me to constantly reapply throughout the day. I didn’t enjoy that at all. As I got older and began to learn my skin, I knew (kinda) what direction to go in to find the best nourishment. I, soon, fell in love with body creams and body butters.


I’Scenutal Amour is not only black owned but also woman owned and is based in Atlanta, GA. The owner, Ms. Ivana, creates a variety of products including body butters, candles, body oils, room sprays, body scrubs, soaps, shower gels, beard butter and oil for men, and feminine care.

I was able to purchase a Lemongrass and Creamy Peaches body butter during the Madness Behind the Mascara event here in my hometown of Birmingham, AL. I have been hooked on them since! These are some great body butters that really leaves your skin smooth for hours!



The body butters come in 8 oz jars and are labeled with the name of each body butter, their logo, the business information, a “made with all natural ingredients” note, and on the back she gives social media info, her website address, the specific ingredients that are used and a sweet quote that says, “Reward Your Body”. Being a new business, I like the simplicity of her packaging and that all information is there for us to follow leaving no unanswered questions.


The body butters are made with all natural ingredients; shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and black seed oil. On top of the all natural ingredients they smell EXACTLY like what they are named. The smells are not over powering or too strong so they are nose friendly. I have to stop myself from constantly smelling them! The smells are so relaxing and feels good on the body especially after a hot shower….ah!



The texture of the butters are literally like butter. I can tell that a great amount of shea butter was used while making them. The texture is soft, smooth and has the perfect thickness to it. It goes on the skin very smoothly and you will immediately see the oils come to life.

WARNING: Be sure to keep the butters at room temparture.


Not only does the butter gives moisture to the skin but look at that shine!!! My skin looks renewed, healthy and radiant! This is one of the reasons I fell in love with these body butters.


If you’re ready to add these body butters to your collection and self care routine, they can be purchased on her website!

Thanks for reading!

Jas <3