5 Ways To Be Confident While Rocking Your Short Natural Cut


You did IT. You chopped those inches down to a length you thought you'll never have the courage to do. You're either beginning your natural hair journey and refused to transition with two textures, you were inspired by someone who's been rocking their TWA and figured you can do it too, or you simply love the look and the convenience of a short cut so you went for it... and guess what?! GIRL. YOU. LOOK. GOOD! 

A brief back story on my journey, I big chopped in 2012 and never looked back. I did a little research on both transitioning and big chopping and felt like the big chop was for me. I wasn't scared at all because it's just hair. The natural hair journey is definitely trial and error and to be honest I've always wanted to stay short but I also wanted to see how long and healthy my hair could grow in the natural state. Fast forward to now I chopped it all off again and plan to stay short! You can read more about why I cut my hair in "I Cut My Hair Because" post.

You may be nervous or scared to rock your cut confidently but I'm here to give five ways to ALWAYS be confident with your TWA.... 

  1. DONT COMPARE yourself to others. You are BEAUTIFUL!
  2. Accessorize. I'm an earring and some times choker girl. Accessorize with what makes you feel good. 
  3. If you're feeling adventurous, throw a part, line, undercut or some type of design in your hair to jazz it up a bit. Try new styles and have fun with your hair. It won't hurt!
  4. Add some color! I'm trying my best to stay away from color but only because I simply love my hair without it.
  5.  Rock a red lip! Ladies, yall know how we get when we find that perfect red lip.. Don't pass on it. If you're not into red find that one color that you LOVE! 
  6. BONUS: Accept compliments without a negative come back. Yes, you will get plenty of compliments because the cut will be bomb! 
  7. BONUS: Research and connect with other ladies with short cuts. They will build you up.
  8. BONUS: Know that you are made for it! Our intuition and gut knows best!