…I wanted to.

“OMG! You cut your hair!!” and “Why did you cut your hair?” These were the two main reactions from people after I chopped all of  my hair off. The crazy part about it is that this isn’t my first time doing it. My very first hair cut was my Senior year of high school back in 2010. I remember the day like yesterday. I was a relaxed gal back then. For some reason I wanted to get a cute short cut… and I did. I walked into Senior Installation Day like a super star baby. This was my first ever doing something drastic like that so I was really feeling myself. Ladies, yall know we get when we get that new new.


Fast forward to August 2012 when it officially went down. I did the big chop and went natural. I decided to just big chop because I didn’t want to play around with two textures. But, this is another blog post I’ll chat about. That time was very different and shocking for me, but this time I feel different with my short hair. I’ve always wanted to go back to short hair but was stuck in between which short style would look good on me and just growing my natural as long as it could get. Truthfully, at times my hair just wouldn’t cooperate with your girl. I kept telling myself to let it grow, but deep down I knew I wanted my hair cut OFF! We battle back and forth with our hair, it’s crazy! lol!

I kept mentioning to my friends that I was gonna cut my hair off again but never did. I knew I would just didn’t know when.

August is my Naturalversary month and this past August marked my 5th year being natural. In July, I wanted to do a protective style so I decided to get crochet. I loved them but I started to get tired of them very quickly and couldn’t wait to take them OUT! I believe I could have been strolling on Instagram or Pinterest looking at cuts when I told myself that I’m cutting my hair when I take the crochet out. Saturday, August 26, roll around and I decided to cut my hair that day. I texted my best friend like, “girl I need a favor…. cut my hair!”